Pain Free Dentistry Sydney

Pain Free Dentistry Sydney

Many people fear the dentist and avoid going. As a result, both dental and general health can suffer. At GC Dental, fear can be overcome in many ways including counselling, oral sedation before treatment, happy gas (nitrous oxide), intravenous sedation or even a general anaesthetic.

Visiting our dental practice can be a pain free experience even if you are the most fearful of dental patients.

Dr Chammas and registered nurses work together as a team to provide a high standard of care in a safe environment. Dr Chammas has a university qualification in conscious sedation and pain control, and he is registered dental sedationist with the dental board.

We are among the pioneers of pain-free, conscious sedation dentistry in Australia with the technologies we have invested in to bring you the highest levels of comfort for procedures.

For all dental treatments we can ensure that you have suitable sedation options so you remain in complete calm. For short treatments it may involve the use of Nitrous Oxide or Local Anaesthetic. For long procedures, we may use conscious sedation.

Conscious sedation essentially means you go to ‘sleep’ whilst still being awake. This is a safe technique and throughout the procedure you are constantly monitored by one of our dedicated team.

From our equipment to our sedation options, pain free dentistry is not a dream, it is here today and available at GC Dental.

What can sleep dentistry do for you?

  • Sleep Dentistry eliminates the awareness, sights, sounds, smells, tastes and pain of needles, instruments and drilling.
  • Sleep Dentistry eliminates fear, anxiety and discomfort and makes the dental experience enjoyable.
  • Sleep Dentistry enables busy people to have multiple procedures and long sessions done in a single appointment.

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