Mini Dental Implants Sydney

mini dental implants sydney

Mini Dental Implants Sydney

Mini Dental Implants Sydney: When a patient has lost all their teeth it can be an emotionally upsetting experience just showing up at the dentist. Some feel that they will just keep their original dentures for life. While this may be tempting it is not the right solution, nor is it going to help the the patient feel better.

There are ever changing and developing technologies and methods that are available to regain the smile once enjoyed with your natural teeth. Over Dentures are one of those.

Mini Dental Implant System

Receiving mini dental implants is usually a quick and easy one-appointment procedure. The miniature implant or implants mimic your natural tooth roots and are used to retain a fixture that is incorporated into the base of the denture. When seated the denture will rest comfortably on your gum tissue and enable you to talk with confidence and eat with ease. Your denture will feel totally secure.

Mini dental implant surgery is minimally invasive, performed in our office usually under a local anaesthesia, and requires no stitches or long healing times. They are designed to function immediately because of the self tapping action. The implants are placed in the jawbone with the head protruding above the gum-line to provide a solid foundation for securing your denture or fixed bridge system.

Mini dental implant systems have proven to be durable and long lasting. The longevity of a mini dental implants are comparable and in many cases exceeds conventional dental implants.

The advantages of mini dental implants include:

– Mini dental implants are typically inserted directly through the gum tissue and into the underlying bone. There is no need to make a surgical incision into the gum.

– Less post-surgery irritation and a comfortable margin of safety during insertion because of the way mini dental implants are inserted.

– Mini dental implants are not only constructed of titanium like conventional implants, but a blend of other metals, resulting in one of the strongest materials available. Mini dental implants are noticeably smaller and stronger than conventional dental implants.

– If a denture patient has sufficient bone mass, the mini dental implant will withstand normal biting forces in the same way that natural teeth do.


A Dental Implant Consultation is your chance to explore the Dental Implant Options that are suitable to your circumstances. State-of-the-Art high-def 3D Jaw Scans are taken to allow our Dentists work with you to develop the most accurate and personalised Dental Implant Plan which details recommended treatments, costs involved and appointments required. Extended and Up-front Payment Options will be discussed and our staff can answer any questions you may have.


The different options in Dental Implants Sydney 

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