Cosmetic Dentistry Sydney

cosmetic dentistry sydney

 Cosmetic Dentistry Sydney

Cosmetic Dentistry Sydney is a discipline within dentistry in which the primary focus is the modification of appearance of a patient’s oral cavity and surrounding structures, in conjunction with the prevention and treatment of organic, structural, or functional oral disease. Through cosmetic dentistry, the appearance of the mouth can be altered to more closely match the patient’s subjective concept of what is visually pleasing.

Cosmetic Dentistry involves dental treatments that improve or create beautiful teeth and smiles, perfect in shape, colour and appearance.  Cosmetic Dental procedures are able to whiten teeth, fill in gaps, rebuild broken, chipped or worn teeth, reshape uneven teeth, replace old dentistry such as old amalgam silver fillings and replace missing teeth.  Some of the Cosmetic Dentistry treatments offered at GC Dental include Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Crowns, Porcelain Veneers, Dental Implants, White Fillings, Invisible Orthodontics and Gum-lifts.

What we offer

GC Dental offers cutting edge technologies and techniques in Cosmetic Dentistry Sydney. Today, more so than ever before Cosmetic Dentistry can create more beautiful and natural results. Smile Artistry combines experience, technology and personalised treatment to be one of Sydney’s leading Cosmetic Dental Practices.

What to expect from your Cosmetic Dental Consultation?

A Cosmetic Dental Consultation is just that.  A time where one of our Cosmetic Dentists will assess and consult with you in regards to your smile presentation and the appearance of your teeth and gums.  Your Cosmetic Dentist will listen to your concerns and then diagnose the specific Dental Problems relating to Cosmetic Dentistry.  The Cosmetic Dental Consult may involve cosmetic imaging allowing our Cosmetic Dentist to talk you through what they find or may involve showing you other similar patient photos to explain what Cosmetic Dental Treatment options you may consider.

A Cosmetic Dentist will then recommend a Major Dental Check-up in which an in-depth assessment is performed to ensure your Cosmetic Dental Procedures are appropriately diagnosed and suitable for you.  You will be presented with a full report both in writing and verbally in person before you are free to decide whether you wish to proceed with any Cosmetic Dental Treatments.

An attractive smile can play an important role in enhancing self-confidence.

So call GC Dental and come in for a consultation, and all these options will be explained and a treatment most suitable for you will be chosen.

At GC Dental, your treatment is as individual as you are.

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